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November 3rd, 2023
#NoBlameNoShame campaign is launched to encourage people to talk about scams … 73% of UK adults – or 40 million people – have been targeted by scams, with 35% - or 19 million – losing money because of this criminal offence[i].GetSummaryIcon
September 22nd, 2023
Suicide Prevention Week 10 - 16 September 2023
Following on from Suicide Prevention Week (10 - 16 September 2023) the Institute for Research and Innovation in Social Services (Iriss) have published the following information on Suicide thoughts and behaviour in later life.GetSummaryIcon
July 12th, 2023
Council Housing Repairs Phone Scam
The call appeared to originate from a Manchester number – but Trading Standards warn that scammers can ‘spoof’ the number from which they are calling, making it appear that they are phoning from a local or a genuine organisational number.GetSummaryIcon
May 17th, 2023
National Hoarding Awareness Week 15 to 19 May 2023
Jo Cooke, Hoarding Disorder UK, published a book focused around understanding Hoarding Disorder … ‘’Compulsive hoarding can make life a misery, affecting health, well-being and lifestyle, and posing a significant risk of fire, illness, infestation and other dangers.GetSummaryIcon
May 5th, 2023
Scambusters! Shetland
Voice Phishing … The caller pretends to be somene from an organisation you might recognise, such as your bank, to get you to reveal personal details or hand over money. They might ask you to hang up and call the organisation to verify what they're saying and give your personal details.GetSummaryIcon
April 28th, 2023
Free Call Blockers available for Scam and Nuisance Calls
These call blocker units block over 90% of scam and nuisance calls at source so the phone won’t even ring, giving folk time back in their day and preventing the anxiety and worry associated with these calls coming through.GetSummaryIcon
April 26th, 2023
Scambusters! Shetland - here to help Shut out Scammers
April 19th, 2023
On Sunday 23rd April 2023 at 3pm there will be a national test of the Emergency Alert Service. The alert will be clearly marked as a test and no further action will be required other than to switch the alert off once it is received.GetSummaryIcon
March 16th, 2023
Scam Alert Bulletin March 2023
There has been an increase in Scam Banking Calls. Please see the link for more information on how to keep safe from scam calls.GetSummaryIcon
March 15th, 2023
Keep Safe Awareness Day - 15 MARCH 2023
Keep Safe Awareness Day 2023GetSummaryIcon
March 8th, 2023
Shetland Women's Aid 40th Birthday Celebration - Event cancellation
Due to weather conditions the Shetland Women's Aid 40th Birthday celebrations have been postponed. A new date will be set and advertised in due course.GetSummaryIcon
February 20th, 2023
Adult Support and Protection Awareness Day - 20 February 2023
Adult Protection Committees in Scotland, including the Shetland Public Protection Committee, are calling for greater awareness of adults who are more at risk from all kinds of harm, made worse by the cost of living crisis.GetSummaryIcon