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All carers, parent or guardians can do with a bit of extra help sometimes. Not everyone has all the help they need available locally in their family.

Those who provide care to adults who are at risk of harm are entitled under the Carers Act (Scotland) 2016 to an assessment of their own needs. For further information please contact Duty Social Work or Voluntary Action Shetland Carers Support - 01595 74 3980 https://www.shetlandcarers.org/

There are organisations that can help you, these may include some of the following:-

  • Adult Social Work - 01595744468
  • Carer Support Groups - https://www.shetlandcarers.org/
  • With You for You - With You For You is a process for adults over 16 years of age (the Customer) who require support or services from more than one organisation in Shetland http://www.shetland.gov.uk/community_care/with_you_for_you.asp
  • Action Fraud - Report a scam to Action Fraud. They provide a special service, alongside Victim Support, for carers to report scams on behalf of a vulnerable victim. The website address is www.actionfraud.police.uk and the telephone number is 0300 123 2040.
  • The victim must be one of the following:
    • under 17
    • have a mental health problem or learning difficulty
    • have a physical disability.