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Who Cares Scotland? Helpline

January 8th 2021

Testimonies from previous callers

I called the Helpline because I was confused about the Care Experienced bursary, how I could access it, and how it might affect my other finances. The Who Cares? Scotland worker was friendly and got me the information I needed. They supported me with my application too. Through talking with them, I realised I could also use some help from a local advocate, about another part of my life. So the worker referred me for advocacy in my area.

Care Experienced person aged 22

I was struggling with my mental health and being passed from pillar to post, around different services. I felt like I was being judged because of the fact I grew up in care. I just wanted some support so I can be the best parent I can be for my kid, but nobody was listening to me. I called the Helpline and a really nice person answered, who didn’t judge me. We spoke for a long time and I told them all about how I was feeling. They really listened, and I felt better after that conversation. In the end, we even had a bit of a laugh over the phone. They checked in with me the week after, to see how I was doing.

Care Experienced person aged 36

I called the Helpline because I was experiencing homelessness. I don’t have any contact with social work anymore, and I didn’t know what to do. I wasn’t safe where I was. The worker supported me a lot over a few weeks, advocating on my behalf until we secured a better, more permanent place to stay. With them alongside me I felt less afraid, as I was not left on my own to communicate with my local authority. I am still in touch with the worker from the Helpline, and together we are exploring different goals I have in my life.

Care Experienced person aged 29