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Scambusters! Shetland

May 5th 2023

Voice Phishing

The caller pretends to be somene from an organisation you might recognise, such as your bank, to get you to reveal personal details or hand over money.

They might ask you to hang up and call the organisation to verify what they're saying and give your personal details.

The scammer will pretend to hand up while you do this, but they'll keep the line open. They can use fake dialling tones so you will think you have got through to the organisation but you will still be talking to one of the sammers. You may also get text messages asking for these details.

Don't give our personal or financial details over the phone

Hang up and contact the organisation yourself. Wait at least 20 minutes, check the line is clear by calling a number you trust, or using a different phone (like a mobile phone)

Don't transfer money from your account to another account, even if the caller says it's to protect your money. A bank will never ask you to transfer money to a 'safe account' and won't ask you for your PIN.

Missed Calls

Scammers may use automated systems to dial numbers very briefly, leaving a missed call on your phone. Calls are often from numbers starting 070 or 076. They might look like mobile numbers, but are premium rate numbers. If you call back, you will be charged a very high rate for making the call.

Scammers also send text messages to mobile phones that seem like they are from an ordinary person trying to contact their friend. If you call or text them back to let them know they have the wrong number, you will be charged a high rate.

If you weren't expecting a call and don't recognise the number, don't call back.

Trading Standards can help with any kind of scam, and are currently inviting people to nominate themselves or someone they think is vulnerable to scam phone calls to receive a free call blocker. Contact them on 01595 744887.

If you have any concerns about the safety and welfare of an adult at risk please contact Adult Social Work on 01595 744468. Out of Office (before 9am and after 5pm) weekends and public holidays please contact 01595 695611.

Police Scotland on 101