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Protecting Children in Shetland

May 25th 2021

The safety of Shetland's children and young people is the top priority of the Shetland Public Protection Committee, which works to promote their safety and wellbeing with all relevant agencies. Children and young people have the right to be kept safe from abuse and neglect. It is everyone's job to make sure that children get help when they need it. If anyone has a concern, it is important that they share it with someone who can help. You may have a vital bit of information which helps to form a picture of what is needed for a child. Children, families and young people are entitled to have their privacy respected “ so please share information with a professional who can help. Child Protection professionals will deal with your information and share it further only within the bounds of appropriate confidentiality. Duty Social Work can be contacted on 01595 744420 or, out of hours, on 01595 695611. Tam Baillie is Chair of Shetland Public Protection Committee: œOur most important role is to protect children and young people and challenge those who would harm them. I want everyone in Shetland to be able to recognise when a child is at risk, and report those concerns to social work services or, in urgent situations, to the police as soon as possible. œGeneral discussion in the community, or sharing on social media, does not help to protect children and young people who have been or who may be at risk. If you do have any information regarding a child or young person's safety, it is always better to say something than do nothing.