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Council Housing Repairs Phone Scam

July 12th 2023

The call appeared to originate from a Manchester number – but Trading Standards warn that scammers can ‘spoof’ the number from which they are calling, making it appear that they are phoning from a local or a genuine organisational number.

Any council tenants who receive an unexpected call about repairs can check with the Housing Repairs Service by emailing [email protected] or phoning 01595 744399.

Anyone who has concerns about a suspicious phone call can get advice and support from Trading Standards by emailing [email protected] or phoning 01595 744887.

The Trading Standards team is currently able to apply for and install free call blockers for people impacted by scam and nuisance calls.

These units block over 90% of scam and nuisance calls at source so the phone won’t even ring, giving folk time back in their day and preventing the anxiety and worry associated with these calls coming through. The unit plugs into an existing phone line and can work alongside broadband and/or lifeline/pendant devices that are already installed.

David Marsh, Team Leader – Trading Standards, says: “We have secured 80 call blockers for people in Shetland in the last ten weeks, which work quietly (and almost unnoticed) in the background to protect those folk from scammers. We’re keen to hear from anyone who may benefit from these call blockers, if they, or someone they know, such as a family member, friend or neighbour, is troubled by persistent scam or nuisance calls.

“Research carried out by Bournemouth University found that older people, those who feel vulnerable, and individuals who live alone are most likely to benefit from the installation of a call blocker. We have a limited supply of these call blockers so please get in touch soon, so we can get this valuable protection in place for you or someone close to you.”

To request a free call blocker from Trading Standards, email the team at [email protected] or phone them on 01595 744887.