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Child Sexual Exploitation - Awareness Raising Campaign

March 12th 2021

We want all children and young people in Scotland to grow up in a safe environment and to be protected from harm.

CSE is a form of child sexual abuse and is happening to young people in Scotland today.

Research has also shown that for many parents CSE is most commonly associated with the most vulnerable young people in society, in particular vulnerable girls, and with organised forms of abuse such as trafficking and gangs.

The reality is CSE can happen to any young person of any gender and family background. It can take place online and in the real world and can involve a one on one situation between an offender and a young person as well as organised networks and groups.

We are all spending more time online for learning, working and socialising during the pandemic. This means that we are all at increased risk of harms that can occur online.

The more parents and carers are aware about the dangers of child sexual exploitation – including the ways in which it can happen, who it can affect and the behavioural warning signs that could indicate a child is at risk of abuse or already being affected – the more that can be done to protect young people.

This campaign therefore sets out to make parents aware that CSE affects more young people in more ways than parents and carers currently realise, so the safest approach is for them to find out more.

For advice and support follow the link csethesigns.scot