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BACK TO SCHOOL - a digital child protection campaign

September 21st 2020

Some children and young people may have experienced trauma for the first time, and some may have experienced neglect and abuse.

This new campaign urges everyone to be alert to signs that all is not well for some children, and to take action if they’re worried that something is wrong.

Built around the message that it’s always better to say something than do nothing, the ad campaign features three digital “adverts” posted across YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, and points to a new campaign webpage on the Child Protection Scotland website.


You can also see the digital adverts on the new Child Protection Scotland YouTube channel.


If you have a concern about a child or young person please call 01595 744420, out of hours call 01595 695611 or in an emergency Police Scotland 101.

It's everyone's job to keep children safe from harm.