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Adult Support and Protection Awareness Day 2024

February 20th 2024

20 February every year is National Adult Support and Protection Awareness Day. This year, Tuesday 20th February 2024 will have dual focuses, which centre on both a general awareness of ASP and a spotlight on Sextortion Scams.

General Harm

Are you concerned that an adult is being harmed, or is at risk of harm? Remember that they may not be able to report it themselves. You can share your concerns with your local social work team - or if you think they are in immediate danger, call the Police on 999. Harm can happen anywhere - in someone’s home, at work, or even in a public place such as a hospital or day centre. When an adult is being harmed it is often caused by the people closest to them. Don’t let someone suffer in silence. If you see something, say something.


Sextortion scams are on the rise, with criminals targeting men and women on social media sites, dating apps and live streaming sites. If someone is threatening to share explicit images of you, don’t panic and NEVER pay them. Contact the Police who will treat your case seriously and in confidence. Sextortion can happen to both men and women. To avoid becoming a victim, remain cautious while using the internet, stay in control of what you do, and never be pressurised into sharing sexual content if someone asks. Watch the video below to find out more.