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For Children And Young People



Welcome to our page dedicated for Children and Young People

Everyone has the right to be safe and everyone has a responsibility to help you.
All children and young people have the right to be protected and kept safe from harm.

Here are some places where you can get help

Childline, Young Scot, Internet Safety, Bullying, Advocacy and Participation Worker Who Cares? Scotland, Domestic Abuse, Sex and Relationships, OPEN Peer Mentoring Project, Child Sexual Exploitation, Children and Young Persons Commissioner for Scotland, Equal Protection From Assault ActDocuments


Childline is the free helpline for children and young people in the UK. For further information click on the link below. You can also chat online, just go to their website and click on the Chat Online Button.

For Me by Childline - Wherever you are and whatever life throws at you, Childline is now easier to access than ever before. ‘For me’ is the brand new way to get advice and support on loads of topics – from issues that can play a big part in everyone’s life, like school and exam stress, through to extremely personal issues, such as self-harm and mental health.  This new app can be downloaded from the app store. 

Childline have a dedicated Coronavirus page which covers what coronavirus is, what to do if you are worried and how to cope if you are staying at home


NB as above Childline are having to reduce their hours of operation.  As of tonight the phone line / online chat will only be available from 9am til midnight

www.childline.org.uk  www.childline.org.uk/kids  The only change for Childline right now is that children and young people can only speak on the phone or use 1-2-1 Chat between 9am and midnight. They can still send  emails at any time and these will be answered in the usual 24 hour time frame. For any children with a hearing impairment, the Deaf Zone is an additional resource on the website.

Contacting Childline video -  here  

Childline Scotland 0800 1111

Young Scot

Young People can find out all the latest goings on in their area i.e. Helpful contacts, news , what’s on and discounts etc.


Find out more about what's happening and the simple steps you can take to help prevent catching COVID-19 and spreading to others. Also find out more about what you can do if you are feeling anxious and worried, and how you can support others in your community.


Young Scot – That’s Not OK resource for young people

Young Scot and Scottish Government have launched a new resource developed in partnership with Rape Crisis Scotland and Scottish Women's Aid. This resource – called #ThatsNotOK – provides young people with information about different forms of gender-based violence, healthy relationships and consent, and signposts where they get additional support. Link to That’s Not OK resource.

Internet Safety

Child Exploitation and Online Protection centre have a website you can visit to get loads of advice on keeping yourself safe whether Gaming, using Mobiles, Online Podcasts and Blogs. Also look for the “Eye” logo at the top right hand of the site where children and young people can report abuse and get the help they need.


Child Friendly Search Engine: https://swiggle.org.uk/

To promote our VSVS (Virtually Safe Virtually Sound) day at Aith Junior High School held on Thursday 10 May a film was prepared by Stewart Hornal, Digital Apprentice
with Youth Services.


Police Scotland Young Volunteers - Keeping Safe Online Video




Bullying could be verbal, physical or social, online or offline and is unwanted behaviour.  It includes actions such as threats, spreading rumors or physically attacking someone.  If you or someone you know is being bullied, more information can be found by clicking on these links:


Other contacts for children and young people re Bullying

Respect me - https://respectme.org.uk/ 

Advocacy and Participation Worker - Who Cares? Scotland

Who Cares? Scotland are a national organisation providing advocacy and participation activities to looked after children and care experienced young people. The service is confidential and totally independent of statutory services like social work and care providers.  Advocates are on the side of the child or young person and are not involved in making any decisions about them.  An advocate is there to help young folk speak up as an individual or a group.

We have 2 workers in Shetland; Siân Wild swild@whocaresscotland.org 07974370714 and Rachel Hewitt rhewitt@whocaresscotland.org 07849090687

An advocate supports children and young people by:

  • Listening to them and making sure they understand their situation
  • Providing information about their rights
  • Supporting them to express their views or speaking on their behalf
  • Helping them to prepare for and participate in meetings, children’s hearings and reviews
  • Supporting them to share concerns or make complaints
  • Helping them to access services
  • Providing activities and groups that they can take part to meet other children and young people with similar experiences, build confidence and develop relationships.

Helpline poster and brochure

Domestic Abuse – There’s No Excuse!

Where there is domestic abuse in a household it can have a significant impact on the children and young people in that family. Domestic abuse can happen in any family and can happen to men as well as women. For help and advice visit:


Childline Scotland 0800 1111

Sex and Relationships

Information for young people on sex and relationships can be found at the following link - www.getthelowdown.co.uk 

OPEN Peer Mentoring Project                                                                                                     

The OPEN Peer Mentoring project strives to enable mentees to achieve their full potential and gain confidence to take control of their pathway, through providing guidance, support, and encouragement from mentors that are of similar age or with similar shared experience in a safe and understanding environment.

Peer Mentors and Mentees – are you aged 14-25 and who are care experienced and/or in the youth justice system – then we need your help to be mentors and mentees!

For more information contact Una.murray@shetland.org

Mentees – are you aged 14 – 18 and would benefit from becoming a mentee to increasing your self-esteem, coping mechanisms and build confidence. Please contact Una.murray@shetland.org

Peer Mentors – are you aged 16 – 25?  Can you commit to a one year programme that will develop your personal skill, knowledge and make you become effective peer mentors? For more information please contact Una.murray@shetland.org

Child Sexual Exploitation

Here is a link to the Scottish Government's TV advertising campaign and for more information a link to the Scottish Government's website.

Children and Young People's Commissioner for Scotland 

The Children and Young People’s Commissioner for Scotland site has some information about children’s rights in a time of crisis and a number of helpful links to resources  


In particular CYPCS recommend the #Covibook for children under 7 which can be downloaded here

https://www.mindheart.co/descargables  /  


Equal Protection from Assault Act 

On 7th November 2020 the law in Scotland changed.  This means that no adult has the right to physically punish a child - this means hitting, smacking, skelping and pinching (but it can mean other forms of physical punishment too)

Physical Punishment Children and Young Persons Leaflet

Poster - Physical punishment and you

Poster - Person to talk to 

Physical Punishment and You - Questions and Answers

Physical Punishment and You - Person to Talk To - Questions and Answers 

Documents & Sites

VAS website link - https://www.shetland-communities.org.uk/subsites/vas/peer-education-project.htm

OPEN Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/OpenPeerEducationProject/?ref=bookmarks

Keeping you safe leaflet

Leaflet for Young People about Case Conferences

Leaflet for Children about Case Conferences

It is everyone’s job to make sure children and young people are alright. If you are concerned about a child’s welfare please tell someone who can help.

These are the phone numbers:

Duty Social Work
Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm:
01595 744420

Outside office hours:
01595 695611

Police: 101

Children’s Reporter:
0131 244 3780