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Safer Shetland - Choices for Community Justice:

Winning Projects Announced

Five local organisations working in the field of community justice will benefit from a total of almost £25,000 following a public vote last Saturday.

The Shetland Community Justice Partnership invited the public to vote for their favourite projects put forward by local groups, each bidding for a share of up to £5,000.  The projects are all aimed towards preventing offending behaviour or improving outcomes for people with offences or those affected by crime in Shetland - see below for further details of each project.

Two hundred and sixty people came along to vote at Islesburgh Community Centre and chose five local organisations to receive funding: Shetland Rape Crisis (£5,000), Advocacy Shetland (£5,000), Dogs Against Drugs (£5,000), Moving On Employment Project (£5,000) and Shetland Women’s Aid (£4,928).

Each group will use the funds to deliver their planned activity in Shetland within the next 12 months - see below for further details of each project.

Councillor Alastair Cooper said: “We’re really pleased with the turn-out for the public vote on Saturday that demonstrates the support for community justice work in Shetland. I’d like to congratulate the five organisations who will receive funding towards their projects that will help to make a positive difference to the quality of life in Shetland. I’d also like thank to all the organisations involved for their hard work to prepare and put forward their projects for this community vote".


Winners - Safer Shetland - Choices for Community Justice
left to right: Helen Rankine (Advocacy Shetland), Michael Coutts (Dogs Against Drugs), Councillor Alastair Cooper, Linda Gray (Shetland Rape Crisis), Lincoln Carroll (Moving On Employment Project), Alison Kay Anderson (Shetland Women's Aid). Photo credit: SIC


Project descriptions:


Moving on Employment Project

Moving On Employment Project is a small independent charity based in Shetland that supports individuals to build on their confidence, skills and knowledge to achieve their employment-related goals. We have provided a confidential, person centred approach to employability support for over 21 years and plan to continue to further develop our Transition Service to meet the demand to appropriately support young people in the community.

This fund can support Moving On to ensure the Transition Service can develop activities further and provide appropriate levels of support for participants who may be involved in or at risk of offending behaviour. The 1:1 and group activities we deliver in consultation with young people are a positive way to develop confidence, skills and social interaction which can help to improve young people’s physical, mental and emotional well-being.



Using Drama to talk about Domestic Abuse and Coercive Control

Shetland Women’s Aid

Our project aims to offer performances of ‘Jackie’s Story’ and ‘Kaleidoscope’- powerful one-woman performances about a person’s experience of Domestic Abuse and Coercive Control.  We want to offer these performances to schools, multi-agencies and members of the community.  The highly school-friendly performances seek to prevent offending behaviour and improve outcomes for those affected by domestic abuse.  It would do so, by using drama as a stimulus to provide opportunities for conversation, education, and avenues to support.  These timely performances would coincide with the introduction of the Domestic Abuse (Scotland) Act (2018), which includes not only physical abuse but psychological abuse and coercive control.

informed, positive lifestyle choices – so they can take control of their own pathway and achieve their full potential.


Keeping Shetland Safe by Providing Drugs Dogs Based Permanently on Shetland

Dogs Against Drugs

Dogs Against Drugs is a local community initiative and registered Scottish charity based in Shetland.

We provide Passive Dual Purpose Drugs Dogs serving the entire Shetland community. The Drugs Dogs are deployed at points of entry into Shetland, as well as searches with in the islands working closely with Police Scotland Officers in Shetland. The Dogs are trained to detect all illegal drugs but an active deterrence is as equally important aspect of the service we provide.

Our Drugs Education Service which has been running for many years, is widely and regularly delivered to pupils in Shetland schools, delivering an informed and balanced message on drugs misuse and the key aspects of keeping safe.




Let My Voice be Heard!

Advocacy Shetland

Independent advocacy is critical in assisting re-integration of offenders into society.  We offer a high quality, person centred, non-judgemental approach to people who may have longstanding mental health issues, learning difficulties and/or problems with authority.  We listen to them, explain their options in an independent and non-judgemental way and help them voice their needs and fears at meetings with Council Services and with other organisations. 

Many of these clients have negative views of Social Work, the police and persons of authority and are habitual non engagers.  Our service offers a free, totally independent voice for them.  We assist in form filling, identifying options and attendance at meetings to have their voice heard.

This can have a very positive effect on stopping their habitual reoffending whilst empowering them to break down their perceived barriers of seeing the community of consisting of “them” and “us”.  This leads to a more inclusive society.


Sexual Violence Prevention Programme

Shetland Rape Crisis

 The Sexual Violence Prevention Programme aims to prevent offending behaviour by educating young people on what sexual violence is and how to recognise it, what consent is and how to recognise it, and by breaking taboos around discussing grooming and exploitative behaviour so that young people can raise issues with trusted adults and prevent offending or escalation of offending in their communities.



If you are concerned about someone’s welfare, please tell someone who can help.

These are the phone numbers:

Duty Social Work (for Children)
Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm:
01595 744420

Duty Social Work (for Adults)
Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm:
01595 744468

Outside office hours:
01595 695611

Police: 101

Children’s Reporter:
0131 244 3780