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National Adult Protection Day 2020

Published: 26 February 2020

“The Shetland Public Protection Committee is a multi-agency group, with representatives from Shetland Islands Council, Police Scotland, NHS Shetland and the Third Sector, with myself as Independent Convener. We are proud of all the work that has been done across Shetland and what has been achieved, but we all realise there is more we can do.

“We rely greatly on members of the public coming forward to alert us.  People struggling to look after themselves can be at risk of harm, and we want the public to let us know if they have any concerns about someone they know.  All it takes is a single e-mail or phone call, even anonymously, to allow sensitive investigations to be made and protective measures taken.”

Kate Gabb, Shetland Public Protection Committee, Lead Officer for Shetland said:  “In Shetland in 2018/19 there were 131 referrals raising concerns about the safety and wellbeing of an adult, of which only 19 were identified as needing further action.  For the remaining referrals, the needs of adults were assessed and responded to by support services working together to support vulnerable people.”

Chief Inspector Lindsay Tulloch said:  " All agencies continue to work together to ensure Shetland is one of the safest communities to live and visit. We continue to receive reports from people who are victims of sexual offending and domestic abuse. We have an excellent network of services available on Shetland to provide protection and support to victims from those who offended against them. Cybercrime is an ever increasing form of criminality we see in the community and we continue to work in partnership with trading standards, local banks, social services and health in order to raise awareness of online and telephone scams and the sophisticated methods used by scammers to persuade people to part with significant amounts of money. "   

Janice Irvine, Senior Charge Midwife, of NHS Shetland and Shetland Public Protection Committee Vice Chair said:  “We work closely with all our partners to keep adults safe. The NHS provides services to many people who face challenges in their lives and their safety and wellbeing is a priority.”

Catherine Hughson is Executive Officer, of Voluntary Action Shetland said:  “Partnership working between statutory and third sector partners has been critical to the success of adult protection; many independent agencies are involved in supporting and protecting adults and their carers who may be at risk of harm.  Voluntary Action Shetland represents the Third Sector and supports the Adult Protection Committee.   Third Sector Services help to make a positive outcome for people affected by various problems.  The support given to unpaid carers to allow them to continue in their role is crucial.  We look forward to continuing the positive relationships with our statutory partners to support the most vulnerable in our community”

If you are concerned about someone’s welfare, please tell someone who can help.

These are the phone numbers:

Duty Social Work (for Children)
Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm:
01595 744420

Duty Social Work (for Adults)
Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm:
01595 744468

Outside office hours:
01595 695611

Police: 101

Children’s Reporter:
0131 244 3780